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Five Secrets to Successful Marriages & Relationships

April 9, 2018

Learn my personal secrets to successful marriage. My husband Thomas and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last October with a once in a lifetime trip to Costa Rica. I’m in awe of the respect, intimacy, love, and challenges we’ve experienced over the life of our partnership. I never dreamed I could be loved and love my husband as much as I do. Each day I see him in a new light. It still blows my mind that he chose me. To love and be loved unconditionally is a glorious gift.  Over the years Thomas and I have learned that there are 5 secrets to our successful marriage.


5 Secrets to a Successful Marriage

1. Demonstrate respect and loving kindness for each other.

2. Practice open and honest communication – including being fair when we are angry or have a disagreement – We will not open old wounds, yell, or try to throw each other into a shame pit when we make mistakes. We laugh at ourselves and each other a lot!

3. Walk through life side-by-side with plenty of time to be independent.

4. Practice replacing closed expectations with open invitations.

5. Make love notes and random acts of kindness a priority. My husband often leaves me notes by the coffee maker to wish me a good day.

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